6 Types of Roofing System 

If you’re building a house, the roofing system should be one of the top lists of things you should consider very well. Aside from the foundation, what makes the house complete is the roof. You will be given different choices to choose from, and you have to consider your location and budget to make the final decision. If you don’t have that expanded knowledge regarding roofing system, you can always hire  roofers in Columbia SC to help you with it. In this article, we’ll give you the types of roofs to choose from as a starter.  

Roofing System 

Slate-Blended Roofs 

Another option on your list is the slate roofs. It comes in different colors, sizes and thickness. The best thing about this roofing material is that you can create different looks to improve the architectural style of your house. Slate is made from natural products that are quarried or mined from the earth. The roof could be heavy like the concrete tile too, so the deck should be properly engineered to carry the weight.  

Asphalt Roofs 

If you want an affordable option, asphalt roofing system is the best one for you. It will fit to any house, no matter that the style. You can choose form a wide range of colors and styles too. It’s a fire-resistant material and repairs are easy to do. You can also achieve different styles with asphalt roofs.   

Wood Shingles 

If you’re constructing a ranch, cottage or bungalow house, wood shingles roof is the best one to install. It’s typically made from cedar. It will look great on the types of properties I mentioned especially if you’re aiming for a natural look. However, it will need a lot of maintenance, it’s difficult to install and will weather over time. Its lifespan is 13-15 years.  

Engineered/Composite Slate 

This type of material simulates a shake or slate roof. They are made of reclaimed materials and has a life expectancy of 30-50 years. Engineered or composite slate is also cost efficient compared to other roofing materials. We can say that this is an upgrade from shingles but not too costly like slate or concrete tile.  

Metal Panel Slate 

If you want your house to look slick and gorgeous at the same time, you can opt for metal panel slate. It can give your house a unique look. The durable materials can also be shaped to give the appearance of tile or wood shakes. Metal is also durable, but you will need to find a specialist who installs this kind of roof.  

Concrete Tile 

If you want a roofing material that will work with any style of a house, concrete tile is the best one for you. It’s available in different styles and colors. You won’t also have to spend a lot of maintenance because it’s low maintenance and also durable. Mind you though, concrete tile is costly. But if you think about the return of investment you’re going to get (like the lifespan and durability), it’s going to be worth it. Make sure you hire the perfect roofing company to install this because it’s heavy and the roof deck should be engineered properly.  


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